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  • RFK Jr.: Giving Young People An Economic Future

    Although I grew up around the White House, I'm definitely not a career politician. I've spent the last 40 years of my career as an environmental lawyer and advocate fighting large corporate polluters and corrupt government agencies, and trying to protect America's wild places and the quality of our food, the water we drink, and the air that we breathe.

    I'm also the most feared and hated candidate among the elites in Washington, D.C. because I'm not bought and I'm not buyable by corporate interests or by the big lobbyists.

    Young people today, in particular, feel disenfranchised, disillusioned, disenchanted with the whole political process. Their generation has been crippled with debt and lied to by those in power.

    Enough is enough. Help me give young Americans a better economic future by supporting my campaign today, ahead of the FEC’s 3/31 deadline. Your contribution now matters more than ever.

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  • RFK Jr.: Our Kids Will Have To Pay For Our Joyride

    $34 trillion dollars: that’s the staggering deficit our kids now have to pay back because of the national debt exacerbated by our last two presidents. You can fake a strong economy by flooding it with cash, but somebody has to pay for our joyride. In this case, that “somebody” is our children.

    Please invest in my campaign today so I can get to work securing a better future for your children.

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  • RFK Jr.: Why Our Economy Is Headed For Collapse

    “Made in America” used to mean made by the companies and middle-class workers that form the backbone of this country. But America’s industrial sector has moved abroad in search of lower costs. Today, Wall Street and the Fed run the show, printing trillions of dollars we don’t have and then speculating on the outcome. The result is that the middle class has evaporated, our economy is highly financialized, and the dollar is held afloat by America’s military might.

    Our current economic system is not sustainable. But we can – and we must – change course. Help me revitalize America and restore the middle class today.

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  • RFK Jr.: Cómo Veo El Estado De Nuestra Unión

    Cómo Veo El Estado De Nuestra Unión


  • RFK Jr.: How I See The State Of Our Union

    How I see the State of Our Union.

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  • RFK Jr.: Small Business – The Last Frontier For Private Equity Takeovers

    Small businesses are the last frontier for private equity takeovers. When a private equity firm took over Tiffany Cianci’s franchise, her business – and in many ways, her life – was destroyed. Across the country, private equity’s takeovers are crushing small businesses, communities, and the middle class. It’s theft by billionaires, and it has to stop.

  • RFK Jr.: How Hidden Monopolies Are Driving Up Prices

    Private equity acquisition of small businesses and small- to mid-sized franchises have skyrocketed in recent years, and independently-owned businesses and small business owners have no way to defend themselves against hostile takeover by billion-dollar corporations.

    Tiffany Cianci is among the thousands of franchise owners whose lives were destroyed when private equity firms took over their businesses. Nationwide, private equity firms are fixing prices and monopolizing essential industries like pediatric care, funeral services, daycare centers, and veterinary care, and in turn crushing small businesses and the middle class. They must be stopped.

  • RFK Jr.: Food Insecurity Will Be A Top Priority

    Millions of Americans struggle to put food on the table, and food insecurity has been exacerbated by the pandemic and inflation. I saw this plight up close on a recent visit to the food pantry at First Baptist Church in Queens, NY. I’m grateful to my friend Eric B. for his long commitment to the First Baptist food pantry, and to the church staff, donors, and many volunteers I’ve met here who are helping to meet a tiny bit of this desperate need.

    When I become president, I will make hungry Americans my priority and restore prosperity to this country. If you want to see that happen, please donate to my campaign today.

  • RFK Jr.: JFK On Art As A Unifying Force

    In 1962, my uncle, John F. Kennedy, an ardent supporter of the arts, famously said: “Behind the storm of daily conflict and crisis, the dramatic confrontations, the tumult of political struggle, the poet, the artist, the musician, continues the quiet work of centuries, building bridges of experience between peoples, reminding man of the universality of his feelings and desires and despairs, and reminding him that the forces that unite are deeper than those that divide.” Art, JFK said, strikes a responsive chord in all humanity and knows no national boundaries—a sentiment that was as true then as it is today.

  • RFK Jr.’s Presidency Would Serve ALL Americans

    To change the divisive nature of American politics, I’m running a civil, independent campaign focused on issues that can’t easily be identified as right or left. Is ending chronic disease, protecting our rivers, and freeing federal agencies from corporate control left or right? What about repairing our borders or restoring the middle class? When I get to the White House, I promise to serve Republicans, Democrats, and Independents by pursuing sensible policies that are good for ALL Americans. Please make a contribution to Team Kennedy today.