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Kennedy Campaign Questions DNC on Voter Rights

WASHINGTON, DC—SEPT. 8, 2023—The presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has contacted the DNC in advance of its Sept. 14 meeting in Washington, DC. The campaign is asking the DNC to clarify its position on ensuring that every voter registered in a Democratic Primary has their vote counted in the 2024 Primary Election. The campaign also requests a clear statement on whether the candidate chosen by a majority of Democratic primary voters will be the Party’s nominee for President of the United States.

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Kennedy to Bring Message of Economic Hope to Richmond, Virginia Voters

RICHMOND, VA—AUG. 22, 2023—Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Democratic candidate for President, will share his message of economic hope with voters in Richmond, Virginia. He will explain how he will address the rapid increase in food prices, energy costs, and credit card debt, and tackle the affordable housing crisis.

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