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  • RFK Jr.: The Revolution Is Going To Happen

    I agree with @glennbeck that the real war in America today isn’t between left and right; it’s a class war. The question is whether the rising populist revolution is going to be hijacked by dark, regressive forces – as it was in the 1930s – or whether it will be harnessed by more idealistic impulses.

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  • RFK Jr.: What I would Have Done As President

    The heartrending violence that weighs heavy on our hearts today is the result of our leadership’s abject failure to bring world leaders immediately to the table in support of a diplomatic solution. As President, I will never leave an ally cornered into a military response because of our own neocon desires to dominate the globe.

  • RFK Jr: A Call For Peace

    It’s time to chart a new course for the future of our nation’s military and foreign policy. I call on every American to join in a new peace movement—to reject the insanity of hostile escalation and to celebrate no longer the wartime president, but a president who keeps the peace.

  • RFK Jr.: Violence Abroad Begets Violence At Home

    Like his father and Martin Luther King Jr., RFK Jr. believes that violence abroad is linked to violence on our streets and in our schools. Only when America ceases its endless wars will we restore peace at home.

  • RFK Jr.: Who Really Profits from The Ukraine War?

    Few people understand what the war in Ukraine means for big business—namely, opportunity. It’s not just the weapons and reconstruction contracts. Ukraine’s vast agricultural lands—among the most fertile in the world—are up for grabs, and American companies like BlackRock are at the front of the line.

  • RFK Jr.: The White House Doesn’t Seem Afraid Of Nuclear War

    Not since I was a kid have we been as close to nuclear war as we are today. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, leaders like my father and uncle, John F. Kennedy, had a profound fear of nuclear conflict. The Biden administration’s lack of caution is putting our future at risk.

  • RFK Jr.’s History Lesson On How The U.S. Provoked The Ukraine War

    RFK Jr. illuminates the roots of the Ukraine conflict and America’s long-term involvement at RiskOn360’s Global Success Conference. Mr. Kennedy clarifies why he believes the U.S. must strive to end the bloodshed, rather than perpetuating the war.

  • RFK Jr. On How To Avert War In Armenia

    The first genocide of the modern era was the murder of 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turkey during WWI. Today, the ethnic cleansing of Armenians continues in Artsakh, a historic Christian Armenian homeland gerrymandered by Soviet Russia as an autonomous region within Soviet Azerbaijan.

    With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Artsakh legally declared and maintained its independence until it was attacked by Azerbaijan in September 2020. Then, in September 2023, all 120,000 indigenous Artsakh Armenians were forced from their homes and out of their country by Azerbaijan’s government.

    To help avert yet another war and to uphold the principles of freedom and democracy, the U.S. government needs to mobilize regional support for the Armenians’ right to self-defense and self-determination and advocate for the safe return of the Artsakh Armenians to their historic homeland.

  • RFK Jr. Advisor Charles Eisenstein on Peace

    The term "American interests" doesn't mean what the elites think it does. They cast it in terms of a global struggle for supremacy. But our real interest lies in peace, health, and broad prosperity.

  • RFK Jr. On Why Labels Left And Right Are Increasingly Meaningless

    The labels Republican and Democrat no longer describe America.