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  • The Road To Dystopia

    Once your government starts censoring people, you are on your way to totalitarianism.

  • Beanie Sigel: Kennedy Is Honest

    Legendary rapper Beanie Sigel just endorsed me for President. Thank you for your support, Beanie.

  • Finding The Middle Ground

    Leaving the Democratic Party, my family's party, wasn't easy. But it was necessary.

  • Who Censored Me And Why

    The White House and 13 democratic attorneys general specifically targeted me for censorship.

  • I Declare My Independence Today

    Today, I declared my independence from both political parties and from the tribalistic, us-versus-them thinking that has polarized our country.


  • Help Me Protect Him

    Hi everyone, I'm Gavin de Becker. My company provides protection services for many at-risk public figures, including my dear friend and now presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. I'm reaching out to you with an unusual fundraising request. The Biden Administration has refused to provide Secret Service protection to RFK Jr., which means thirty cents of every dollar donated to his campaign has to go toward security. Normally, none of it would. I would gladly pay for his security myself—but that's not allowed, because it would be a campaign contribution above the limit. But: you can help. You can help us maintain the highest level of security for Bobby by contributing to his campaign today.

  • DNC Plans To Destroy Democracy

    The Democratic National Committee is trying to bring back the days of insider crony politics. Now you can do something about it! Our campaign is circulating a petition to pressure the DNC into running a fair and free primary election. SIGN PETITION

  • The Democratic Primary Is Fixed

    Dennis Kucinich calls out the flagrant anti-democratic tactics of the DNC. Full interview here.

  • The Rigged Primary

    The Democratic National Committee is rigging the primary. Here's how. Full interview here.

  • Why The Media Lies

    The news media made lying their business model under President Ronald Reagan. Here's how it happened.