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  • Give Americans The Debate They Deserve

    Thanks Maria Bartiromo, Fox News for having me on this morning to discuss the June 27 CNN debate and why I’m confident I will meet the requirements and be on stage to hold Presidents Biden and Trump accountable for their records and give Americans the debate they deserve. #KennedyShanahan24

  • RFK Jr.: How I’ll Fix The Executive Branch

    How do you fix the executive branch? By cleaning it out one agency at a time.

    I explained to @BenShapiro how, as president, I will do just that.

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  • RFK Jr.: How I’ll Overrule Citizens United

    We must get corporate money out of politics. I tell @JoePolish about the constitutional amendment I will pass when I’m in office to overrule the Citizens United case and prevent corporations from using politics to protect their mercantile ambitions.

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  • RFK Jr.: January 6th Shows A Loss Of Trust In Government

    Thanks @chriscuomo for letting me clarify my position on January 6, which is one of the most polarizing topics in today’s political landscape.

    We are living in a time when Americans don't trust their government. When I'm elected POTUS, this will change.

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  • RFK Jr.: Expanding NATO Serves Arms Companies

    I spoke with Riz Khan of Al Arabiya News ( @AlArabiyaEnglish ) about how NATO has become an instrument of the military industrial complex.

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  • RFK Jr.: Biden Suspended Free Speech

    Here’s what I have to say about “content moderation” and the fact that, 37 hours after being sworn in, President Biden got to work censoring me and pressuring social media sites to remove my posts.

    Thanks to @NewsNation's @chriscuomo for the conversation.

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  • RFK Jr.: A Candidate 50 Million Americans Would Vote For Deserves Protection

    ✅ Polling is one of the criteria used to determine whether or not to grant a presidential candidate Secret Service protection.
    ✅ Recent polls show that 50 million Americans would vote for me.

    And yet:
    ❌ All of my requests for protection have been refused.

    The will of the people is being thwarted by corruption and cronyism from Secretary Mayorkas, the Biden administration, and the politicization of our federal agencies. They want me out of this race by any means necessary and are refusing me Secret Service protection in a calculated effort to drain my campaign funds, exclude me from the ballot, and stop the movement that we’ve been building.

    I’m more steadfast than ever about winning in November. But I need your help fighting this blatant election interference and corruption. And with the 3/31 FEC deadline around the corner, your contribution today means more than ever – and will make sure that our movement continues to take this country by storm.

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  • RFK Jr.: The DNC Is Waging War Against Me

    The DNC has been attacking me as a “spoiler candidate” and is spending millions of dollars trying to take down my campaign. They never expected our movement to gain the momentum that it has. But I’m not going anywhere.

    This is what happens when you dare to give Americans the power to choose a new vision for themselves and our country: secure borders, a strong middle class, an end to the chronic disease epidemic, and a future that your kids can be proud of.

    If this is the vision for America that you choose, too, empower me to deliver that vision for you by supporting my campaign today ➡️

    The 3/31 FEC deadline is approaching, so your contribution today means more than ever.

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  • RFK Jr.: U.S. Treating Elections Like A Banana Republic

    Americans are sick of the DNC and the courts interfering with our election process. It’s not good for our country; this isn’t a banana republic. I explained to @andrewschulz on @officialflagrant that I want to beat Biden and Trump on an even battlefield in which the American people hear the three of us debate and agree that I’ll make a better president.

    Help me do that by investing in my campaign today.

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  • RFK Jr.: Democrats Blocking Me Was A Mistake

    The DNC rigged the rules so that candidates like me couldn’t contest President Biden. But the polls make it clear: that was a strategic mistake.

    Thanks @NewsNation for the conversation.

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