Susan Alden

Susan Alden

West Point graduate, Army Veteran, spouse to a retired Green Beret, Mom, health and wellness professional, environmental advocate, regenerative farming fanatic

Why I support RFK Jr

We are at a pivotal point in our nation and desperately need a true SERVANT LEADER who can unite people, inspire the masses, and take bold actions to end the corporate capture of our country. Leaders on the left and the right have led us down a dark path. I believe Kennedy has the courage and capacity to cut through darkness and restore our country to one that I can once again be proud to have served

With RFK Jr.'s leadership, I believe our country can be one in which my kids can thrive and where future generations across the U.S. can live free, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous lives.

- As a veteran, I know RFK Jr. will work to end U.S. involvement in “forever wars” which are draining our economy and feeding the every-hungry military industrial complex.  

- As a daughter raised by a fly fisherman who now lives in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I know RFK Jr. will continue to fight to clean up our waters as he's done with toxic watersheds across the nation via Riverkeepers and the Waterkeeper Alliance which he founded over 33 years ago.   

- As a mother raised by parents and grandparents who fed me from the bounty of farms, I know that RFK Jr. will continue to fight and win battles against companies like Monsanto who are poisoning our earth, and he will work to advance  regenerative farming practices so we can safely feed our kids and future generations from food grown in healthy soil.

- As a health professional watching the rise of chronic disease, I know RFK Jr. will empower Americans to better health in a way that no other president ever has.  For 20+ years, Mr. Kennedy's work as an attorney has focused on children's health and holding "Big Pharma" accountable for creating SAFE and effective vaccines as well as and suing corporate polluters to get toxicity out of our water, air, and food supply.  As President, he's committed to channeling public funding to holistic, natural, and alternative medical research and ensuring that public health programs like Medicare include holistic alternatives so that Americans have a real choice.  Mr. Kennedy will also hold the line against any future mandates and said that "civil liberties and body autonomy will come first."  Health freedom is our inalienable right, and RFK Jr. will restore this to us and to future generations. 

- As an American who still believes that we can be "one nation under God," I know that RFK Jr. is THE leader who can heal the divide, but he needs OUR HELP!

Let's listen and talk to people... particularly those who may only be watching corporate-controlled mainstream media to get their information.  Spread the word about this incredibly brilliant, heart-felt servant leader who has the potential to reunite America at a time when so much is hanging in the balance of this unbalanced country. 

Like his father, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Sr. and his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, he has the passion and potential to make this nation one that we can ALL be proud of once again!

I've followed Mr. Kennedy for years, met him in person on the campaign trail, and I'm ALL-IN.  Let's do this friends! 

Join the movement.

Make a donation... even $5 makes a difference! 

Volunteer in the campaign! (Message me and we’ll chat about how you can help, especially if you live in Hawai’i).  


Susan Alden

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