State Operations Manager


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$5000 per month (full-time)

Job Description:

The Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Campaign is dedicated to healing the divide and bringing forth a new era of politics in the United States. We are committed to advancing a platform that prioritizes healing the divide, environmental sustainability, promoting fiscal sanity, and creating equitable opportunities for all Americans.

We are seeking dynamic and experienced State Operations Managers to join our campaign team. This position requires strong leadership skills as you will lead the implementation, training, and technical support efforts across various programs and tools utilized by Field operations in your state.


  • Oversee the implementation, training, and technical support for various programs and tools used in the field operations.
  • Manage and oversee the implementation, training, and use of in-state technology platforms, programs, and tools
  • Adhere to guidance, structure, and process for using in-state technology as directed by national campaign leadership and ensure technical operators in your state are trained on national policies and procedures
  • Work closely with the National Field Operations Director and your State Director. Coordinate with campaign leadership to ensure effective utilization of technology and resources to meet campaign objectives.
  • Provide training sessions for staff and volunteers on call center operations, canvassing software, volunteer engagement apps, messaging tools, and supporter databases
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for tech/operational support issues and troubleshoot problems as they arise.
  • Monitor the performance of technical field operations and identify areas for improvement or optimization.
  • Collaborate with members of IT, Website, Data teams to address technical issues and enhance system functionality.
  • Maintain accurate records and documentation related to technology usage and training material, and volunteer usage
  • Maintain database security, privacy, integrity, and accuracy
  • As part of managing your state data, you will update and create Filters, Lists, Tags, and state records
  • Coordinate with campaign leadership to ensure effective utilization of technology and resources to meet campaign objectives.


  • Ideal candidates have professional backgrounds in software engineering, database management, IT or Security, data or QA, or CRM software / Nationbuilder-adjacent platforms.
  • Previous experience in political campaign operations is a bonus, with a preference for experience on statewide or national campaigns.
  • Proficiency in operating call centers, canvassing software, and database administration.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills, with the ability to effectively train and support staff and volunteers.
  • Detail-oriented with the ability to multitask and prioritize tasks in a fast-paced environment.
  • Flexible and adaptable, willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities as needed.
  • A strong team player who is able to take direction and initiative. Solve more problems than you find!


  • Competitive salary of $5000 per month.
  • Opportunities for professional growth and development within a dynamic campaign environment.
  • Chance to make a meaningful impact and contribute to positive change in the community, country, and the world.
  • Collaborative, supportive, and fun team environment
  • Ability to work remotely

If you possess the outlined experience and skills, please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience to [email protected]. In the subject line of the email, please write 'Application - State Operation Manager'.


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