Susan Mann

Susan Mann

Why I support RFK Jr

I have never felt moved before to participate in electing a president till RFK jr. came along. 

He is open to listening to others and their ideas, even when their thoughts are controversial. This is what we need in a president, someone who can work with our allies, our foes and bring compromise and peace to the table.

The last 2 presidencies, have seen our country become so divided with name calling and bullying. It is time for someone new to come in. We can end the attacks and the constant social media blaming of Biden and Trump, by eliminating them from our social discussion by simply electing a new candidate.

RFK's long history of fighting for our environment, for our health, his willingness to share his drug battles, his intelligence, knowledge of world politics and history are many of the things I admire about him.

This is a candidate, they don't want you to elect, so let's join in the fight to prove them wrong, that yes, we can beat the 2 party system and elect an independent. 

Are you ready America, let's go!


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