RFK Jr. Calls CNN Debate Criteria 'Illegal'

Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is being held to a different criteria than President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. And that may mean exclusion from CNN's June 27 televised debate.

This comes after the Kennedy Campaign in recent months qualified in at least four polls, scoring at least 15%. All four are on CNN's list of recognized polls, but Island News has learned that one of them (from Monmouth University polling) is not being counted by CNN.

There is a second obstacle. CNN says candidates must be on the ballot to reach potentially 270 electoral votes. It's a qualification that no candidate currently meets.

Island News has learned the Federal Election Commission and the Commission on Presidential Debates both do not recognize the term “presumptive nominee” that CNN granted to exclusively qualify former president Donald Trump and President Joe Biden for the debate stage.

Third-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke about the apparent snub, and what his campaign plans to do going forward.

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