We can do better than mediocrity!!?? A discussion of heroic baby steps toward a better world

We can do better than mediocrity!! The corporate controlled two party system in America with its implicit notions of limitless growth and consumerism, is insidiously undermining the foundations of our society and indeed our humanity. Yet business as usual continues with the promise that technological solutions will somehow save us from our predicament in which life grows ever more complex, yet the basic experiences and qualities most essential to being human seem to slip farther and farther from our grasp. Our community bonds, our psyche, our resilience, our vitality as individuals and as a nation are frayed. Or at least it feels that way, and in any case that feeling needs to be discussed. Accepting demise, discord, and despair with a shrug of the shoulders is complacency, albeit totally understandable. Denying that it is occurring is willful delusion. Both are an embodiment of mediocrity. Nobody wants to be that guy, but really what can we do? We're busy, we're isolated, we have our own needs and our own people to worry about. And yet at the same time we all know we can do more, potentially, maybe... 
At the very least we discuss, we ponder, we consider...we VOTE.  I'm voting for Bobby because I think above all else, he is asking us to resist mediocrity; to reclaim our core values, our innate human dignity, our love for country and for people and for earth and take heroic steps toward action, again and again, even if at first we do not succeed. I'm not sure he will win, but I know for certain we have to try and now is the time, phoenix-like to restore the noble character of the United States and once again but in an entirely new way be that shining beacon on a hill.
If this sentiment strikes a chord, no matter who you may or may not vote for in 2024, please come chat, listen, be curious, try to see from all sides, make a plan accordingly and let's see if we can generate real movement here in Bellingham and beyond! 
This is a brainstorming/planning meet-up open to all. Diversity of opinion and divergence of ideas is the lifeblood of the community. Please come with practical ideas of how to engage the skeptics and disarm the haters. It seems to me if we're going to win in Washington we need a plan for convincing many thousands of traditionally Democratic voters to put aside their negative preconceptions about voting for an independent and specifically about Bobby and convince these folks that an RFKJR presidency would bring about a flourishing of bipartisan American values, the best of both worlds, liberal and conservative ethics that need to exist in balance for a society to be healthy. Healing the divide. That is the message! 


November 30, 2023 at 5:30pm - 7pm PST


Bellingham Cruise and Ferry Terminal - gather at the dining tables in the atrium in front of Port Fairhaven Fish and Chips - look for the anti-mediocrity signs
355 Harris Ave
Bellingham, WA 98225
United States
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Samuel Janis · · 917.284.2754


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