60 Years After Famous JFK Speech, RFK Jr Returns to Salt Lake City

Deseret reports:

Most of the attendees at Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s presidential rally on Thursday afternoon arrived long before the candidate did. While potential voters crammed into the Sky SLC nightclub in Salt Lake City, awaiting the rally’s start, Kennedy walked around downtown.

Sixty years prior, his uncle — then-President John F. Kennedy — delivered a famous speech at the Tabernacle, the historic meeting hall on Temple Square. Kennedy’s 1963 speech, part of a tour through the western U.S., was considered by those in his inner circle to be among the best he ever gave. Two months later, Kennedy was assassinated.

“He did this national tour, and one of the stops that he made that was really earth-shaking is here,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told the Deseret News Thursday, in an interview prior to the rally.

Sixty years ago, at the peak of the Cold War, John F. Kennedy pled with his Utah audience for support for his stance on the Soviet Union, including a newly negotiated ban on nuclear testing. Kennedy told Utahns that the country “cannot turn our back on the world outside.”

Now, with the U.S. backing Ukraine in its ongoing war against Russia, the younger Kennedy says that were his uncle alive today, “I think he’d be very much against the Ukraine War.”

Some of the rally’s attendees spoke about their frustration with the two-party system and said that there was something they liked in Kennedy that they didn’t see in other candidates.

A self-described “big supporter of Kennedy,” Beth Peacock said she supports him because “if you listen to the speech, it’s everything that I believe in.”

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