TikTok Ban: Pro-Bitcoin RFK Threatens Lawsuit To Support ByteDance

CryptoRank reports:  

Independent US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has threatened to contest the TikTok ban based on constitutional rights. 

On Saturday, the pro-Bitcoin politician explained to his followers on X that the ban was not exactly what they were made to believe; the harvesting of users’ data. 

RFK further described the ban as a “smoke screen.”

For context, RFK explained that data harvesting was already happening globally before now especially amongst intelligence agencies in the U.S. In his opinion, Congress and the Biden administration do not have enough information about how TikTok operates. 

The video sharing app has been serving as an entrepreneurial platform for many of its young users but according to RFK’s argument it appears that the government does not understand this.

“The TikTok ban is yet another example of how neither political party has any compunctions about sacrificing your freedoms, rights, and choices when it serves their political interests,” the politician said.

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