RFK Jr. on Wisconsin ballot? Supporters Begin Push

Fox 6 Milwaukee reports:

It's not just Democrat-versus-Republican on your ballots. One familiar name – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – is trying to get on Wisconsin's ballot as an independent candidate. The month-long process to get enough signatures kicked off July 1.

July 1 was the first day campaign volunteers could start collecting signatures in Wisconsin. They have a little over a month to collect 2,000 signatures.

As people basked in the sun at Milwaukee's Bradford Beach on Wednesday, Kennedy supporters tried to get him on the ballot with a tent, table, signs, pens and petitions.

"I’ve never done anything like this, but I really feel like I have to step up," said Jean Collins. As a young voter, she once voted for President John F. Kennedy – the uncle of RFK Jr. Now, she's volunteering to help get another Kennedy elected.

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