RFK Jr. Wins Ballot Access Fight in Hawaii

Island News reports:

The Democratic party of Hawaii will not appeal the decision to allow independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is to appear on the Hawaii ballot this November.

It was also announced that RFK Jr qualified for the California state ballot this month, as well as Michigan. The State of Utah was first to grant the independent candidate ballot access earlier this year.

Locally on Oahu, Kennedy's supporters had to win a challenge, issued by the Democratic Party of Hawaii before the Office of Elections. Tuesday afternoon Island News learned, from Chair Adrian Tam, that the Democratic Party of Hawaii "does not intend to appeal" that decision.

The group of RFK supporters characterizes themselves as a grassroots coalition of mothers who started the "We the People party" in Hawaii in coordination with the national campaign.

Without a lawyer at the virtual hearing, the coalition successfully argued for the validity of their new party- supporting Kennedy's candidacy.

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