RFK Jr. Touts His Vision For Healthy America

Dallas Express reports:  

A crowd of Texans looking for a change in the political status quo gathered at Brazos Hall in Austin on Monday to lend an ear as independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave a rousing and wide-ranging campaign speech.

Kennedy, an environmental lawyer and activist, opened by praising an Amish farmer, John Kempf, who, despite having only an 8th-grade education, became a self-taught expert in immunology in agricultural plants. He promoted Kempf’s work in regenerative agriculture and the avoidance of harmful pesticides.

The presidential candidate then turned his attention to a study from the turn of the millennium. He cited the “Guyer study,” which claimed that the general decline in mortality from infectious diseases that Americans saw in the 20th century was due to improvements in nutrition rather than any one medical advancement.

Kennedy further identified improvements in maintaining clean water and the transportation of citrus fruits to new areas during winter months as things that improved health during that period. This notion became the jumping-off point for Kennedy’s vision for a healthy America, which includes making the most of what he sees as divine gifts.

We should “bolster our immune systems, bolster the thing God gave us,” Kennedy said to uproarious cheers. “Good health does not come in a syringe.”

During his speech and in the several videos shown to the audience before he hit the stage, Kennedy repeatedly hammered the well-known fact that rates of chronic disease have been skyrocketing in the United States for decades.

He condemned the political system and the alleged capture of government agencies by major corporations as a “[corrupt system that] makes us feed this beast [that makes us sicker].”

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