RFK Jr. Supporters: Hungry For Change

Reuters reports:  

Republicans paint independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr as a radical liberal, and Democrats say he is being financed and manipulated by right-wing donors to hurt U.S. President Joe Biden's reelection bid. But interviews with Kennedy supporters show they are not interested in labels, especially those prescribed by the major political parties they have left behind.
Kennedy is drawing supporters from both sides of the political divide. Some voted for Republican candidate Donald Trump in the last two elections but are now backing Kennedy. Others are disillusioned progressives ready to cast aside Biden, the incumbent. Most see Kennedy, a scion of the famed Democratic family, much as he portrays himself - a rare truth-teller committed to tackling corruption and powerful lobbying groups in Washington.
It is not yet clear whether Kennedy would pull more votes away from Biden or from Trump. His supporters hold a wide range of political beliefs and voting histories.
Below are excerpts from Reuters interviews with seven Kennedy supporters from across the U.S., including in the battleground states of Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina.

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