RFK Jr. Sues Meta Claiming Election Interference, Censorship

Newsweek reports:  

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and a PAC supporting him for president are suing Meta after the firm's giant social-media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, allegedly censored a 30-minute documentary about the independent candidate.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, claims that Meta violated Kennedy's First Amendment rights and engaged in election interference, first by removing the movie entirely, then by maliciously hiding it from would-be viewers in a fashion typically referred to as "shadow-banning."

"I have no doubt this case will set a precedent as Americans increasingly rely on social media to form their opinions and values," said attorney Rick Jaffe, who is representing Kennedy.

The lawsuit includes several photographic examples of its assertions by using Meta's responses to users who tried to view or share the movie Who is Bobby Kennedy?

You can read the full article here.

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