RFK Jr. Streams His Own 'Real Debate' During Trump-Biden Debate

CBS News reports:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. responded to the Trump-Biden debate Thursday night in real time, in what his campaign called "The Real Debate."

CNN excluded RFK Jr. from the debate, determining he didn't meet criteria including a polling threshold and appearance on a sufficient number of states' ballots to win the presidency. Kennedy and his team argued that former President Donald Trump and President Biden aren't yet on any ballots, since the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention haven't yet taken place. 

Kennedy's response was streamed on "X" and TheRealDebate.com from a studio in Los Angeles. John Stossel, who formerly worked for ABC News and Fox News, served in the role of a moderator during the one-man appearance.

Kennedy blamed both Mr. Biden and Trump for inflation and the national deficit, the first two questions posed by CNN's moderators Thursday night, and also criticized both for their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for the closure of businesses.

On the issue of border security, Kennedy said Trump was "more right" than Mr. Biden, but on foreign policy, he again had heavy criticism for both candidates. While Trump alleged Mr. Biden allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine, Kennedy noted Trump also transferred weapons to Ukraine during his presidency and walked away from a nuclear treaty with Russia. 

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