RFK Jr. Seizes on Voter Dissatisfaction With Potential Biden-Trump Rematch

The Washington Times reports:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.‘s independent bid for president is exposing the electorate’s deep-rooted desire to have someone not named Joe Biden or Donald Trump on the ballot.

The sentiment has shined through in numerous polls that show Mr. Kennedy siphoning away a solid chunk of votes that otherwise would be divvied up between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump, adding a curveball to the race.

“Kennedy represents this sense that neither party truly represents me, that government ought to be reinvented, that we need a new and different approach,” said Don Levy, director of the Siena College Research Institute. “Voters who are dissatisfied with Biden and Trump, dissatisfied with the party system, dissatisfied with what they perceive as inaction and general quagmire in Congress, they say, ‘Sure we want someone who is going to do it differently.’”

For that reason, Mr. Levy said the sole thing the Biden and Trump camps may agree on in the 2024 race is “that Kennedy could be a problem.”

“Nobody really is thrilled about either of the people I am running against,” Mr. Kennedy said in an interview with the Dallas–Fort Worth ABC affiliate. “I would say those are the two weakest candidates for president from major parties in recent decades. So I feel very good about my chances.”

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