RFK Jr. Sees Biden-Trump Debate as Potential Boon for his Third-Party Bid

The Hill reports:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sees the first presidential debate of the cycle — an event for which he didn’t qualify — as momentum-building for his third-party campaign. 

Amid the fallout from the CNN showdown between President Biden and former President Trump, Kennedy sounded a hopeful note about what Biden’s lambasted performance could mean for his own longshot candidacy.

“They are tired of choosing the lesser of two evils,” Kennedy told NewsNation host Elizabeth Vargas in a post-debate recap about voters who see Biden and Trump as imperfect options.

“Hopefully some of them are going to start looking at me,” he said. 

Kennedy held a counterprogramming event, which his campaign promoted as “The Real Debate,” on Rumble and X, which ended after the main Biden-Trump matchup.

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