RFK, Jr. Scores Endorsements From Three High-Profile Athletes

Fox News reports:

A trio of former professional athletes are throwing their support behind independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to take the White House.

NBA legend and 1992 "Dream Team" Olympian John Stockton, Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame member Ken Ruettegers and three-time North American Enduro mountain biking champion Kyle Warner are all endorsing Kennedy for president.

The athletes said they like the cut of Kennedy's jib — all three pointed to what they say are the independent candidate's genuineness, honesty and openness to conversations about policies as reasons they support him.

John Stockton

Stockton said he believes Kennedy "has been put on this planet for just this moment in time" and that there's "a real need for him and his leadership."

"There's a need for very smart people in these positions that have integrity that [is] off the charts, that have the stamina and strength to be able to speak and be a leader 24/7, not just on occasion or on blips," Stockton said.

"And, maybe more than anything, a person that can un-divide this country," the NBA legend continued. "I don't think we've ever been this divided."

"You look around, and you see all the different things that are pulling us apart," he said. "Finally, we have, I think, the right man there available again. What an opportunity to bring us back together."

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