RFK Jr. Says He Will ‘Make the Border Impervious’ if Elected as Title 42 is Set to Expire

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., told Fox News Digital he will "make the border impervious" if elected president as Title 42 is set to expire tonight.

Kennedy, who has nabbed nearly 20% of President Biden’s Democrat primary supporters, caught up on the phone with Fox News Digital on Thursday ahead of Title 42’s expiration.

The nephew of President John F. Kennedy pledged that, if elected president, he would "make the border impervious" to address the crisis at the southern border.

"I will make the border impervious," Kennedy said. "We cannot release people, illegal aliens across the border."

"But we also need to recognize that this is a humanitarian crisis, and we need to fix the policies that have caused this mass migration, including decades of U.S. foreign policy that have imposed austerity on those governments, neoliberal policies that have encouraged the rise of the Junta military dictatorship that has trained and supported death squads in countries across Central America," Kennedy continued.

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