RFK Jr. Says Father Would Be Proud of His Campaign

The Hill reports:  

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said during a wide-ranging interview that his father, the late Robert F. Kennedy, would be proud of his 2024 campaign. Kennedy said his father would “strongly support” him and his White House run. 

“I can’t think of a single issue that my dad felt strongly about that, you know, I wouldn’t check the same box,” he said in his interview with USA Today published Monday, like fighting corruption, reining in government power, saving the environment and ending wars. 

Kennedy said he has a firm grasp on the policy positions of his father, who was killed in 1968. 

“Americans are entitled to have their own version of who my father and my uncle, of what they would do on certain issues,” said Kennedy, who was 14 when the assassination took place. 

“And I enjoy hearing those debates all the time,” he added. “I think I have a really clear understanding of where he came down on issues. And I’m very grateful that I believe I share his beliefs. And I share his values. And, you know, I’ve tried to live my life with the same kind of commitment to the same values.”

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