RFK Jr. On The Quoth The Raven Podcast

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joins Quoth the Raven in this wide-ranging interview. Topics include: What drives the media to paint RFK Jr. in an extremely vile light, as an “anti-vaxxer” and “conspiracy theorist”? RFK Jr.'s reaction to Chris Cuomo admitting he now takes ivermectin; AstraZeneca pulling their vaccine off the market; RFK Jr.’s take on Joe Biden withholding military aid from Israel and thoughts on the overall conflict in the Middle East; thoughts on China potentially attempting to take Taiwan; What does RFK Jr. think causes inflation; how his campaign expects to introduce sound money into our system; ending the "war on bitcoin;" sound money, gold and silver; potential plans to create a treasury bond backed in part by a gold, silver, bitcoin; Where does he align best with both primary Presidential candidates; and RFK Jr.’s take on bodily autonomy, medical freedom and abortion.

Watch the full video here:

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