RFK Jr. Calls Biden-Trump Debate 'Sad,' Sees Political Opening

RFK Jr. spoke to All Things Considered about the Biden-Trump debate and what it means for his third-party run for the presidency.

Scott Detrow: What did you make of last night's debate?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: I thought it was a sad evening for our country. The idea that this was the best we can produce, I think, is troubling and troubling not only for our country, but just for the whole cause of democracy and self-governance around the world. Democracy is supposed to produce the best of the best, but I don't think that that was on display last night.

Detrow: Well, I want to spend the rest of the conversation talking about you and your campaign. Mr. Kennedy, why do you want to be president?

RFK Jr.: I want to be president because I think our country is going in the wrong direction. I don't think either President Trump or President Biden has the capacity to address the existential issues. Issues like the $34 trillion debt, which they play a disproportionate role in running up. President Trump said that he was going to balance the budget and ran up an $8 trillion debt. He spent more money than every president combined from George Washington to George W. Bush. And President Biden is now on track to beat him. And so. And this is what's driving the inflation. It's driving housing costs that are keeping our children out of housing. Neither of them has capacity to dismantle the war machine. Neither of them can end the polarization that is tearing our country apart. Neither of them can deal with the corrupt capture. This corrupt merger of state and corporate power, where the regulated industries have captured the agencies that are supposed to regulate them and transform them into sock puppets.

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