RFK Jr. Pokes Fun at News Outlets Over Barefoot Flight Stories

Washington Examiner reports:

2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. shared a new photo of him online, joking about the recent stories that some news outlets have published about him.

Kennedy, who is running as an independent candidate, recently went viral over a photo of him shared online that appeared to show Kennedy barefoot while returning from the restroom on an airplane. In response to these stories, Kennedy has released a new Kennedy 2024 photo of him sitting barefoot inside an airport.

The line of having "no Secret Service" is a reference to how the presidential candidate has not received protection from the agency amid his presidential run, despite Secret Service protection being offered to other presidential candidates in previous elections. Last month, a man trespassed into Kennedy's California home twice, with the man, later identified as Jonathan Macht, 28, going back to Kennedy's home immediately after he was released by the authorities.

Kennedy's wife, Cheryl Hines, stated last month that her husband's campaign has been denied three times by the Homeland Security Department for Secret Service protection. She also claimed that the decision to withhold protection feels like "a political strategy" and that the lack of protection from the agency is "really disappointing.”


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