RFK Jr. Pledges to End 'Provocative' China Policies

Politico reports:  

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is rolling out policy positions aimed to lure undecided and independent voters from Trump and Biden. Here are the highlights of Kennedy’s China policy positions shared with China Watcher by his campaign.

No to “hot war.” Kennedy will abandon the Biden and Trump administrations’ “provocative policies” in order to stabilize U.S.-China ties. “China does not want a hot war … [Kennedy] will negotiate sensible and verifiable arms reduction treaties starting with matters of urgent mutual interest such as reducing the risks of bioweapons and AI weapons.”

It’s the economy, comrades. Rather than facing down Beijing in the Indo-Pacific through alliances such as AUKUS, the Quad and U.S.-Japan-South Korea trilateral, Kennedy will “shift the competition to the economic realm” while avoiding decoupling. That can end the dynamic of the U.S. “making enemies throughout the world by projecting military power even as China makes friends through its economic power.”

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