RFK Jr. Nominated By Reform Party In Florida

Spectrum News reports:  

The Reform Party has nominated Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for president in Florida, the independent's campaign announced Friday.

Formed by independent presidential candidate Ross Perot three years after he lost the 1992 election to Democrat Bill Clinton, the centrist party was designed to present a third alternative to Democrats and Republicans and uses purple as its official color.

“The driving potential in this marriage is principles,” Reform Party Chairman Nick Hensley said in a statement about the nomination. “Even though Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Reform Party do not agree on every issue, both the Reform Party and RFK Jr. agree on listening to the opposition, debating facts and understanding that you can’t discount a solution just because it came from your political rivals. True leaders will listen to those around them and force consensus, regardless of party affiliation.”

The Reform Party has nominated a handful of other presidential candidates over the years, including consumer rights advocate Ralph Nader in 2004 and former White House Communications Director and Republican Pat Buchanan in 2000. Neither was successful.

“I couldn’t resonate more with the Reform Party’s motto, ‘It’s time to put people first,’” Kennedy said in a statement. “I am grateful to accept the nomination and grow the independent movement and take our shared principles all the way to the White House.”

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