RFK, Jr. Submits 30,000 New Signatures to Get on Ballot in Nevada

2 News Nevada reports:

The Robert F. Kennedy Jr. campaign submitted around 30,000 signatures in Nevada, which is triple the required number to appear on November's ballot. However, this is not the first time the RFK Jr. campaign has submitted more than enough signatures.

In January, the campaign collected over 15,000 signatures. However, in early March, the Secretary of State's office informed them that their ballot petition was invalidated because a staffer had given the campaign inaccurate guidance.

"The initial batch of signatures only had Robert F. Kennedy Jr's name on them, and we were told by the state back at the end of last year that was sufficient. And, when we went to hand in 15,000 signatures, they said no, we forgot to tell you it has to have the Vice President on it also, so they rejected all 15,000 signatures," said RFK Jr. Campaign Volunteer Steve Mezak.

The campaign filed approximately 25,000 signatures in Clark County and around 6,200 in Washoe County on Wednesday. As an independent candidate, Kennedy is required to submit only 10,095 signatures by Friday, July 5th. The campaign plans to submit several hundred more signatures from surrounding counties, including Carson City, Churchill, Douglas, and others on Friday.

As they submit the ballots this week, the RFK Jr. campaign also has an ongoing lawsuit against Democratic Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar.

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