RFK Jr. on Jesse Watters Primetime: “I Don’t Want To Beat Trump in a Courtroom”

2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. issued a stark warning against Trump's guilty conviction, arguing the verdict will "backfire" on the Democratic Party as many voters see the trial outcome as a weaponization of America's judicial system.

Kennedy reacted to the news that former President Trump was found guilty on all 34 felony counts during "Jesse Watters Primetime," where he explained how the conviction is harmful to the nation's democratic process.

"The DNC feels like it's like it has a candidate that cannot win fair and square in the polls, and so they have to win in the courts," he continued. "They have to win by clearing the deck and getting their other opponents out of the race. I'm not a fan of President Trump's, but I want to win. I want to beat him in a campaign on a level playing field. I want to talk about his issues, about locking down the economy, shutting down 3.3 million businesses, about running up a 34 trillion dollar debt, about engaging us in forever wars, about doing favors for Wall Street. I don't want to beat him in a courtroom."

Watch the full interview here:

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