RFK Jr. is THE Choice

Tucson.com reports:  

A letter in Saturday’s STAR that listed a number of the DNC’s untruths and propaganda about RFK JR compelled me to write this letter. The two parties are so afraid of RFK JR because of his truth-telling they are spouting these incendiary statements, such as those in that Saturday letter, to deter everyone else from even checking out RFK Jr’s website, Kennedy24.com, or listening to his amazing podcasts. A cursory investigation into these sources will inform you that RFK JR is telling truth to power, is not supported by corporate sponsors, is being censored by the mainstream media and is focused intently on saving our republic from tyranny and addressing the major problems the two parties are ignoring: debt, health and government lies. His hundreds of successful lawsuits against the three letter agencies and his tireless environmental activism should be enough to gain your support but there is so much more. Bobby is my choice.

Read the full opinion piece here.

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