“Crypto Is Key To Solving the US National Debt Crisis” - Mario Nawfal Interviews RFK Jr.

Mario Nawfal sat down with the leading independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for this exclusive interview for TheStreet/Roundtable to dive deep into major issues facing the United States as the 2024 presidential election approaches. 

RFK Jr. has been a vocal advocate for Bitcoin and blockchain technology, recognizing their potential to transform the economy. His commitment to this vision is clear:

“We are driving the greatest innovators in history right now to Switzerland, to Singapore, to other countries. This is the chance for us to grow our economy, to become, you know, a new industry. If we're going to get out of $34 trillion in debt, we need a new industry to blow up our economy, to make that debt proportionately lower to the size of our economy. Blockchain is that industry. We cannot afford to be driving it out of the country. We need to embrace it.”

Kennedy emphasized the importance of retaining and nurturing talent within the United States - a significant issue facing America is the brain drain of crypto innovators fleeing to more crypto-friendly countries. He pointed to Switzerland as a global hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency, a country that is benefiting immensely from the influx of innovators and investments.

Watch the full interview here:

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