RFK, Jr. on The George Janko Podcast

Robert Kennedy, Jr., joins George Janko in this wide-ranging podcast interview. 


0:00 Intro

1:27 Why & When Did You Decide To Run For President?

8:10 The Difficulties Of Running As An Independent

11:25 Physical Safety & The Democratic Party's Dedication To Taking Down Robert

15:07 How Do You Handle Your Family Rejecting You Politically?

22:13 Do You Believe Your Father & Uncle Would Vote For You In This Election?

24:27 Robert Reflects On Having Household Debates With His Family At Their Dining Table As A Kid

29:10 Is Biden Bought?

31:45 Conspiracy Theories, Covid & War

34:10 What We Can Learn From JFK's Close Relationship With Nikita Khrushchev & The Kennedy's Bond With A Russian Spy

41:53 Robert Would Put America's Budget On The Block Chain

42:43 Ruling Through Fear & There's Worse Things Than Dying

46:21 Do You Think The Election Can & Has Been Rigged?

51:53 Robert On Gun Control & Why There's A Mass Shooting Every 21 Hour

1:03:19 Why Aren't We Putting More Security In Schools?

1:05:47 The Drug Epidemic & Changing Addicts Lives For The Better

1:11:47 Solving The Chronic Disease Epidemic & Fixing Our Food

1:17:12 How Robert Will Reunite The American People & Rid Of Governmental Corruption


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