RFK Jr. Scrambles To Make Debate Stage With Biden And Trump

The Hill reports:  

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is using every tool at his disposal to get to the first debate with President Biden and former President Trump, though he faces a rocky path to qualify before June 27.

Kennedy has filed a complaint against the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and is barreling forward with his ballot access campaign, which could help him meet one of the necessary thresholds to make the stage. But he has other hurdles ahead of him, including meeting the steep polling requirements set by CNN. 

The cable network has laid out goalposts requiring contenders to get 15 percent of support in four national polls and appear as declared candidates in enough places to total 270 electoral votes, the minimum number needed to win the presidency. 

On Wednesday, Kennedy filed a complaint with the FEC and against Biden’s and Trump’s campaigns — a sign that he’s starting to hedge his bets in case he comes up short. The complaint alleges that he is not being offered the same opportunity to debate and that the stated requirements breach existing election rules. He has pointed out that the Democratic and Republican nominees have not yet technically met the ballot benchmarks either. 

“By demanding our campaign meet different criteria to participate in the debate than Presidents Biden and Trump, CNN’s debate violates FEC law and is a large prohibited corporate contribution to both the Biden and Trump campaigns,” Kennedy wrote.

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