RFK Jr. Will Be On Colorado Ballots Through Libertarian Party

Fox 31 | 2 Colorado reports:

The Libertarian Party of Colorado and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign have partnered to ensure the Independent-affiliated presidential candidate will be on Colorado’s November ballots.

The two groups said they intend to “disrupt the entrenched two-party system.” The Libertarian Party of Colorado Board of Directors passed the resolution Tuesday in favor of partnering with the Independent presidential candidate.

This means the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket will be on the Colorado state ballot for president and vice president.

“Thank you, Libertarian Party of Colorado and Chair Hannah Goodman, for your visionary leadership in defense of freedom,” Kennedy said in a release Wednesday. “Together, we will win the White House and steadfastly protect the Bill of Rights, the First and Second Amendments, and all the foundational liberties they secure. Our administration will restore free markets, end corporate welfare, stop the money-printing, and unwind the war machine it fuels. On day one, I will pardon Edward Snowden, Ross Ulbricht, and all political and corporate whistleblowers who protect our democracy.”

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