RFK Jr. Backers Celebrate As They Turn In Petitions To Get Him On The New York Ballot

WXXI reports:  

Supporters of Robert Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign delivered petitions Tuesday as they work to get him on the New York state ballot.

Saying the time has come to unite the county and provide voters another option, Kennedy backers turned in more than 130,000 signatures – nearly three times the 45,000 requirement — to choruses of “New York, New York” at the Board of Elections in Albany.

Will Boothby, the campaign’s Northeast regional director, says Kennedy addresses commonsense issues.

“The corruption in our agencies, the corporate capture, home ownership, I want an America that everyone's getting along. Political discourse needs to cut back to a point that we are coming together for problem solving. I don't think Biden or Trump are capable of that,” Boothby said.

Campaign volunteer David Freedman points to Kennedy’s environmental advocacy.

“He actually has fought the government and won. And that's why, someone who has a history of changing things,” Freedman said.

He says Kennedy is appealing to voters on both sides.

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