Sherry Duffy

Sherry Duffy

I am a retired Critical Care RN who was widowed and became a single parent with 4 children. Now I am retired and have 4 grandchildren. I live in Northern CA in the same house and my children live in various other places.

Why I support RFK Jr

I have been following Mr Kennedy via CHD for about 15 years. When he decided to run for president I knew I would support him because it just took one time listening to his stories to convince me. I have listened to all of his interviews now.   He is sincere, honest, brave and brilliant. Now that I know so much about him as a person and his goals for our country,  I decided to volunteer to help Kennedy be elected.  I feel he is enlightened and wants to restore our America to what it once was. His goals for our country are the ones I want to leave for my grandchildren.

Recruiter URL

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