How About A Reasonable Person With Common Sense Solutions For President?

The Baltimore Sun reports:  

Right now the DNC is doing everything it can to keep Robert Kennedy Jr. off as many ballots as possible, thus denying millions of Americans the opportunity to even consider him as a candidate.

Seems a strange thing for “Saviors of Democracy” to do. Whether you like him or not, shouldn’t people have the right to vote for Kennedy if they wish?

At this point, I would gladly embrace a reasonable person who seeks common sense solutions to the myriad of problems facing the country, rather than one who uses those problems to divide the American electorate to gain political advantage.

I do not have to agree with every position a candidate holds.

That said, a person’s character is important to me. I’m not looking for a saint, just a decent, thinking human being. I believe there are still such people out there.

Perhaps Kennedy is one of them. Say what you want about Kennedy, I find his candor and willingness to stand up to the Democratic Party machinery refreshing, but his candor is precisely why Democrats are working hard to shut him up.

Kennedy is simply not partisan enough. He doesn’t play ball and never learned how to put the interests of the party ahead of the interests of the country.

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