The Power of 3

What is the difference between two and three? Two is black and white. Three gives rise to all the colors. Two is right or wrong, on or off, A or B, and three is a combination of the best options. Two is polarization, left vs. right, you versus me, and three is our common ground, our collective interests, our sense of community. The Power of Three is evident throughout our world–with the exception of American politics.

Today half of America identifies not as Republican or Democrat, but as Independent–making us the country’s largest voting block for the first time in American history. Yet those who believe in the power of three, who reject the broken two-party system, who dislike both faces of the corporate oligarchy have virtually zero representation in government today.

It’s time to end the simplistic, oppositional narrative that governs American politics. It’s time for a third option. It’s time for an Independent.

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