What is Mr. Kennedy’s position on abortion?

Mr. Kennedy is a firm supporter of the principles laid out 50 years ago in Roe v. Wade. For Constitutional and moral reasons, he believes the decision on whether to continue a pregnancy should be up to the mother.

Roe v. Wade served this country well for 50 years. Mr. Kennedy supports the judicial principles behind it. If the courts do not overturn Dobbs v. Jackson and restore abortion rights, he will support legislation to accomplish the same. Body sovereignty must be protected.

Mr. Kennedy says, “Abortion is a tragedy but I don’t trust the government to make these decisions for Americans. I’m for choice and medical freedom. We need to trust mothers to make the best decisions. We also need to give full support to mothers who want to bring babies to term.”

This is a key part of Mr. Kennedy’s position. Abortion cannot be considered in isolation from support for mothers and families. His policies on universal free child care and economic relief for working families will make this country more hospitable to young families, and reduce the abortion rate.

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