Peter Pantazis

Peter Pantazis

Steward of the New Earth - RFK Jr Volunteer Activator.

Why I support RFK Jr

My name is Peter Pantazis. I am a Steward of the New Earth, meaning I have devoted my life to creating a new way of life on this planet that replaces the current system's primary values of Profit, Power, and Status with a new system that values Truth, Balance, Decentralization, and Sovereignty.  So you can imagine my gravitation toward this campaign.

I believe humanity will enter a new era of peace and prosperity as a result of us getting Bobby elected president.  So I am ALL IN.  This campaign and getting Bobby elected is my number-one priority for the next 13 months.

I currently volunteer full-time for  I serve in a couple ways.  First, onboarding and helping people get involved in ways that suit their skills and passions.  Second, helping to activate projects and teams so they have everything they need to be successful.  Third, managing and expanding our website.  And fourth, doing whatever needs to get done for us to be wildly successful.

I've been an entrepreneur for 18 years now.  I'm quite good at problem-solving as a result.  If you need anything, feel free to reach out and I will do what I can or connect you with the person who can help.

Together, we will be successful in this mission.

Recruiter URL

Use this link to invite others to the campaign.