NYC Voters Explain Why They’re Voting for RFK, Jr. Over Biden: ‘Going To Unify the Nation'

Fox News reports:

Kennedy addressed a crowd of about 800 people gathered in a Brooklyn warehouse Wednesday, speaking on a number of topics, including immigration, inflation, the housing market, and ending the war in Ukraine.

Voter, Wallie Wolfgruber, said she is "very excited" about Kennedy's candidacy, and hopes that he will "bring more unity and peace" to America and the world.

"After all this separation, just to be able to be tolerant again, tolerant of each other's different opinions," Wolfgruber, who said she was originally from Germany but is a U.S. citizen, told Fox News Digital. "The right to have an opinion and to express it is so basic in a democracy, and I feel it kind of going away."

RFK, Jr. on stage at a town hall event in Brooklyn, New York

"I'm running against two presidents who both served one term and essentially are gaslighting the American people by telling them that they produced a wave of prosperity for this country. They are running on that record," Kennedy said, garnering applause.

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