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Help Me Protect Him (Part 2)

Hi everyone, Gavin de Becker here again. Legacy media outlets have been falsely claiming that there’s nothing unusual about President Biden refusing RFK Jr.’s request for Secret Service protection. The truth is every single administration, going back 55 years, has approved early protection for rival candidates. DONATE NOW TO PROTECT RFK JR.: https://www.kennedy24.com/donate

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Help Me Protect Him

Hi everyone, I'm Gavin de Becker. My company provides protection services for many at-risk public figures, including my dear friend and now presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. I'm reaching out to you with an unusual fundraising request. The Biden Administration has refused to provide Secret Service protection to RFK Jr., which means thirty cents of every dollar donated to his campaign has to go toward security. Normally, none of it would. I would gladly pay for his security myself—but that's not allowed, because it would be a campaign contribution above the limit. But: you can help. You can help us maintain the highest level of security for Bobby by contributing to his campaign today.

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My Secret Weapon...

Let’s be honest. It’s no secret that big corporations own Washington DC. I’m running for president because I want to take their power and put it back where it belongs—in your hands. On September 30, we report to the FEC our fundraising earnings for the last 3 months. Last quarter, so many of you rallied to donate that we raised $3 million in 3 days. And that sent shockwaves across the establishment. I need you to do that again to show the doubters that we are a force to be reckoned with. Because we’re stronger than ever. And I need you to show that to the world.

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Join The Grassroots Finance Committee

Typical candidates rely on big corporate donors and influencers to fund their campaigns. In return, candidates advance the agenda of their donors. We are raising our money from the grassroots, and we will advance YOUR agenda. Read more about the Grassroots Finance Committee here: https:// www.kennedy24.com/about-gfc

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“Peace For All Time” | Running on Truth | Episode 3

Is it any wonder that as America has waged violence around the world, violence has overtaken our own nation? What will be the wages of peace instead? RFK Jr. carries forward his uncle JFK’s vision. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: “Waging endless wars abroad, we have neglected the foundation of our own well-being. We have a decaying economic infrastructure. We have a demoralized people and despairing people. We have toxins in our air and our soil and our water. We have deteriorating mental and physical health. These are the wages of war…What will be the wages of peace?”

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We Are Sending A Strong Message To The DNC

Today, the DNC met for the Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting, and sadly not much has changed. Our primary is still not free and fair. Meanwhile, our unstoppable campaign continues to build momentum. This is only the beginning of our people-powered movement.

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DNC Plans To Destroy Democracy

The Democratic National Committee is trying to bring back the days of insider crony politics. Now you can do something about it! Our campaign is circulating a petition to pressure the DNC into running a fair and free primary election. SIGN PETITION https://fairvote.kennedy24.com/

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The Rigged Primary

The Democratic National Committee is rigging the primary. Here's how. Full interview here.

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