Mindy Pickel

Mindy Pickel

RFK jr!

Why I support RFK Jr

The main reason I support RFK jr is because he is against chemicals in our food and our water. I switched to an organic non gmo, vegetarian lifestyle and lost 30lbs and prevented my gallbladder from having to be removed. I realized then how important our food chain is and started to realize food is a culprit to many of our fellow Americans being so sick. Then Obama signed the law dubbed as the Dark Act protecting Monsanto. I realized then that the Democratic Party I supported for my whole life didn’t truly care about us. RFK jr went after Monsanto in court and when I found out he was running for President I immediately screamed out in joy and told my husband. We also are supporting him because of his stances on safe vaccines. I could go on and on. So far I haven’t heard anything from him that I don’t like. 

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