Mary Vernon

Mary Vernon

Why I support RFK Jr

For me, the #1 reason is that RFK Jr is a bright light of Truth, with impressive expertise in our constitution, our laws, how to end the corruption in our governmental agencies, how to solve our most pressing economic issues and public/children’s health issues, the ongoing importance of cleaning up the pollution in our water sources, the debilitating/demoralizing costs of censorship, manipulation, and senseless wars, and the rest of our most important current political issues.  

I have confidence that, for any perspective he has or may have in the future that is incorrect or inaccurate, his career as a highly successful litigation attorney who consistently represents “the little guy” has taught him how important it is to listen to literally everyone who can provide him with truthful experiences and data that will correct the inaccuracy.  I also have confidence in his deep commitment to democracy and to policies and initiatives that help everyone in this country thrive.

I’m impressed with his creativity, insight, intelligence, compassion, consideration, humor, effectiveness and ability to think on his feet when dealing with those who disagree and/or attempt to thwart his goals, no matter how vociferous and/or disrespectful the opposition may be.

My great hope and prayer is that the vast majority of us, from a wide range of previous political affiliations, will choose to steadfastly and fully support him in order to surmount the  opposition and forge a bright future for all of humanity.  

Let’s jump right past those who are using censorship and/or manipulation of the facts to thwart his candidacy, and proactively not give in to any of their goals to discourage or derail this full-steam-ahead campaign.  A motto I learned from a very wise friend may be helpful to keep in mind when confronted with deliberate manipulative tactics:  Fly with the (considerate) eagles.  The (manipulative) turkey’s view is way too limiting.

I believe the opposition will collapse if and when enough of us unite and steadfastly/productively support the vision of this campaign, just as they backed down from the Covid injection mandates very soon after the majority chose not to comply with the first booster.

Finally, I love my new Kennedy 24 sneakers.  🙂.  So subtle, yet it’s amazing how many people actually notice (and appreciate) the shoes.  Totally fun!

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