Marnie Hutcheson

Marnie Hutcheson

I started out as a ballerina, got an engineering degree and enjoyed 30+ years rolling out new technologies. Now, I am retired on my nature preserve in Florida. Tell me what I can do to help RFK Jr. become President of the USA!!!

Why I support RFK Jr

I believe in Robert F Kennedy Jr.  His deeds speak clear and true. RFK has spent his lifetime fighting for and restoring the environment, helping people who have been harmed, and making "big" money stop 'harming' and start paying for their wrongs.

We have lost control of our country. Those officials who are "in command' are OUT OF CONTROL and the actions that they take do not make things better for our country.

When RFK Jr. speaks I understand him. And, I believe him. He speaks with knowledge and compassion about people and their hardships.  He speaks with understanding about our fears and the situations we are facing. He speaks of solutions; how he will fix what is broken.

When the other presidential candidates talk, I don't see these traits. Instead of kindness, they say nasty things about others, they lay blame on others, and they make "promises." I don't believe them, they have been breaking their promises my whole life.

I am very grateful to finally have a candidate I believe in.  Thank you Robert F Kennedy Jr. I am happy to do everything I can to support you.

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