Map Shows States Where RFK Jr. Is On the Ballot

Newsweek reports:  

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced his campaign in April 2023, and selected Silicon Valley attorney Nicole Shanahan as his running mate in March this year. His campaign has been critical of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden, with a heavy focus on appealing to disillusioned independent voters.

Kennedy has repeatedly claimed he will contest the election nationally, and his campaign says it has a dedicated public plan to getting ballot access across the country.

Currently, Kennedy is on the ballot in 18 states, including those with large Electoral College votes, such as California, Texas, and New York. If he were to win every state he is currently on the ballot for, he would take only 238 Electoral College votes, still below the 270 needed to win.

There is also a heavy focus on engaging local volunteers to help Kennedy get on the ballot, particularly with regards to gathering signatures. The Kennedy campaign website says that: "The establishment candidates cruise to ballot access while forcing independents like us to gather more than 1 million signatures. But their rigged system is no match for our surging populist movement."

Kennedy has recently announced that he will be suing the state of Nevada for allegedly trying to invalidate signatures the campaign needed to get on the ballot in the state.

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