Lynn Ely

Lynn Ely

Nevada County Ca. Coordinator

Why I support RFK Jr

Because he stands for truth, freedom, honesty, integrity and he has the intelligence, wisdom, tenacity and experience to navigate the enormously complex issues we face in our country and world at this time.

Because he is a wonderful human being that is a living example of how to rise from personal adversity with strong values, compassionate heart and an emotional, spiritual, mental maturity that allows him to engage with others in honest, respectful ways. I believe these qualities are crucial to negotiating and promoting peace in the world at this time of escalating conflict.

He is committed to making our country strong again starting with securing our border with real solutions. He is a man of action, not simply words. His career demonstrates this.

As an RN of 40+ years, his commitment to our health and wellbeing are particularly important to me. This includes his work on protecting our environment from polluters, his commitment to medical freedom and making product safety a priority. His understanding of corporate capture and how to restructure key agencies is key to change in our country.  

Lastly, but not least, he is committed to the protection and preservation of our constitution without which we do not have our precious Democracy.  

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