Laura Grady

Laura Grady

I'm an active retired woman, mother and grandmother who grew up in the 50's under Eisenhower and JFKennedy. I believe that Robert Jr. has gone through all that he has for just such a time as this. I believe in Democracy.

Why I support RFK Jr

I believe that Mr. Kennedy can bring unity to this land just as his uncle and father tried.  He is an honest man running an honest campaign.  He stands for all that I believe is needed in this great land of ours.  I especially appreciate his desire to dismantle the Criminal Bureaucracies that have been contributing to the downfall of this great nation.  The 2 party systems have sold out to Big Pharma, Big Ag and the Industrial War Complex and it is TIME that the PEOPLE take back what is rightfully theirs through PEACEFUL MEANS.

Recruiter URL

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