Groups Claim Laws Will Be Broken if CNN Excludes RFK Jr. From Debate

Newsweek reports:  

Three advocacy groups have sent a letter to CNN claiming that the news network will violate campaign finance laws if it fails to include Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in its June 27 presidential debate.

The letter, dated Monday from the Center for Competitive Democracy with the support of the More Voter Choice Fund and American Values 2024, argues that a debate-staging organization such as a broadcaster "must use pre-established objective criteria to determine which candidates may participate in a debate."

The problem, as the authors of the letter see it, is that one of the criteria laid out by CNN is that only candidates who are on enough ballots by June 20 to reach 270 electoral votes are invited—and under that guideline, Kennedy should not only qualify, he would also be the only person in the country to do so.

This is because, according to the letter, neither President Joe Biden nor Donald Trump will appear on any state ballot as of June 20, since Biden won't win his party's nomination until the Democratic National Convention scheduled for August 19-22 and Trump won't win his party's nomination until the Republican National Convention that is set for July 15-18. The date for the CNN debate is four to five months earlier than is typical for a presidential election.

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