donna bervinchak

donna bervinchak

Feldenkrais Practitioner; Activist against Smart meters and 5G Cell towers

Why I support RFK Jr

I support Robert Kennedy Jr. because of his ability to tell the truth in a loving way, his desire to heal the divide between people & his kind character.  

As a lawyer, Robert Kennedy Jr. has been fighting & educating "we the people" about our rights and the dangers of harmful radiation from cell towers, 5G & smart meters and he will continue as President. He will continue to fight for our right to choose what goes into our bodies, including vaccines. He will continue to educate "we the people" about the harmful effects vaccines are causing people of all ages around the world. He will continue to protect the environment, plants, animals, insects & all living beings. 

As President, he will clean out the captured agencies such as the FDA, CDC, FCC, FBI, CIA - so the foxes will no longer govern the hen houses.

He will end all wars the United States is involved in and prevent future wars.  He is against censoring in the media and on social media etc. He is not afraid to tell the truth and is not afraid to stand up to the establishment. 

He is educating himself about geo-engineering and how it is negatively effecting our planet.  No other candidate brings this subject to the floor.

He admits when he is wrong and educates himself further about the subject.  He has morals and ethics and believes in the Creator, God.  If you openly watch his uncensored speeches & interviews, I believe you can sense the love Robert Kennedy Jr. has in his heart for "we the people", the United States, and people of all nations.

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